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Elevating Your Shopify Integration

Shopify is an incredibly powerful tool to improve consumer experience and online shop management. But, like lots of powerful software tools, it is densely layered with optionality and avenues for efficiency, and the UI isn’t exactly new-user friendly. Chances are, if you aren’t a Shopify expert and have set up your Shopify yourself or in-house, you are missing out on ways you could improve the efficacy of your Shopify content. Maybe customers can’t find their orders, or you’re having to rescan SKUs multiple times to log them correctly, or your inventory counts aren’t right. Regardless of the specific problem, proper optimization of your Shopify set-up could save you money, make you money, and create a better experience for your customers and employees. That’s where Shopify consulting comes in.

We sometimes think of the new technologies of today’s online marketplace as plug n’ play, like a game console. All you should have to do is install it, maybe fill out a registration, and then you’re done, right? Well–done incorrectly, amazing software integration systems like Shopify can actually be costing you money. This is because you’re paying for the service and adjusting much of your workflow around it. Imagine trying to drive a rental car around, but also paying for a squad of teamsters to push each wheel. Yes, you’ve got transportation, but that’s not how it’s supposed to work!

This is what Dollar Fulfillment will fix for you without any extra effort on your part. We are the plug n’ play solution–just point us in the direction you want, and our “white glove” service takes care of the rest.

What Can Dollar Fulfillment Do To Improve My Shopify Integration?

This is not our first time in the dojo. We cater to an exclusive clientele of content creators and small and medium business owners looking to take the next step with their venture. Most of the time, these amazing people are go-getters and self-starters and tried to do it all themselves before reaching out to us. Maybe you can relate? Because their considerable expertise wasn’t in a brand-new area of technology like Shopify, we were able to quickly find ways to improve their business and help them make the jump to the next level.

We’ve helped clients with Shopify for years, and there are a few common areas of improvement that we have seen. In fact, we’ve decided to offer Shopify consulting because it is so common for us to see mistakes or missed opportunities with Shopify set-up.

  • Too much SKU variance
  • Your products don’t have SKUs inside Shopify
  • Your product SKUs and Barcodes aren’t set-up properly
  • Your barcodes aren’t unique
  • Inaccuracies like weights or measurements (or no information about these) are attached to SKUs
  • Tariff codes and product descriptions are not tied to SKUs
  • Exorbitant Postage Costs
  • Difficulty Pre-Determining Shipping Costs
  • Inventory Issues
  • Inaccuracies stemming from 3PL inventory counts and transmissions
  • Available inventory numbers are unreliable
  • Not offering–or difficulty in offering—digital kits
  • Lack of automation

These are all issues that Shopify is actually well-equipped to handle in the hands of a pro. You’re a pro at the rest of your business; we are the experts you need for Shopify.