Kitting & Assembly

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Kitting & Assembly Services Done Right.

Take a look at the storefront of any successful online business, and you’ll see huge banners featuring their bestselling bundles of items. Smart business owners bundle merch, supplements and other consumer goods to draw in new customers and keep returning customers satisfied.

How do the owners manage to do all this bundling–digitally and physically–and run their business? Chances are, they’re outsourcing their kitting and assembly–just like you should. Dollar Fulfillment kitting and assembly services incorporate the physical labor of kitting and/or assembling various SKUs together AND the digital know-how to ensure these “kits” are built properly inside your e-commerce store to ensure accurate inventory depletion.

Dollar Fulfillment offers kitting and assembly services as a one-time, stand alone service for large scale retailers (i.e. large holiday project for “brick and mortar” stores), or as part of an on-going e-commerce fulfillment relationship.

What is Kitting & Assembly?

Kitting and Assembly Services cover a lot of ground. “Kitting” refers to grouping products together that match what a customer might want or to encourage them to try something new. If you have an amazing best-selling supplement flavor, you can take advantage of its popularity by packaging it with branded merch to increase brand awareness.

“Kits” can be physically pre-built (i.e. the two units or “SKUs” are put together into one package, which then has a unique SKU). Or, they can be digitally built (i.e. the “kit” containing two unique products or SKUs is created as unique SKU on your e-commerce store and when an order is placed for that “kit” or SKU our team member is instructed by our software to pick and pack both SKUs that make-up the the “kit” (or master SKU).

Why Use Kitting & Assembly Services?

Taking advantage of our Dollar Fulfillment Kitting and Assembly Services means that your business suddenly got a lot more flexible. You’re not just selling to the occasionally-interested customer who may want to try out your brand. You’re developing a following by delivering custom-made products specifically for individual consumption. There are several salient reasons to take advantage of our Kitting and Assembly Solutions.

Distribution Costs

Kitting can cut down on distribution costs and save on warehouse space – Think of it like e-commerce carpooling! Sometimes, certain items just don’t sell well and start to take up space that you want for newer or more reliable products. By kitting a higher-selling item with a lower-selling item, you’re able to even out costs and clear out space. And, while you are reducing costs and increasing availability, you’re also creating opportunities for your clients and customers to encounter a greater range of your inventory.

Increase Margins

Many savvy clients of Dollar Fulfillment frequently build kits that include high margin, but slower moving SKUs, thus increasing their gross margins and overall brand profitability.

Power to the People

Kitting also delivers a greater sense of power to the consumer in the form of customization. Customers who save on shipping and receive a discount on grouped items feel empowered when they receive exactly the arrangement of items they wanted, and at a seemingly discounted rate.

A Commitment to Accuracy

Accuracy in the kitting process is crucial, as nobody wants to receive a package full of stuff they didn’t ask for and certainly don’t want to go through the hassle of returning it either. With kitting and assembly volume, Dollar Fulfillment has built processes to ensure accuracy in the kitting process.

Assembly Services

Dollar Fulfillment light assembly services include a range of options to streamline distribution. The bottom line of light assembly results in sending less packages to your customers, saving on shipping costs, while also increasing the protection of your product.

These personal touches on special-order products help to build your brand and are a great way to add extra value to your customer. As we would already have your items on hand in our warehouse, going the extra-mile to create custom content for your customers makes perfect sense to us.

Part of an All-In-One Service Package

Dollar Fulfillment is your one-stop shop for all your warehouse and logistics needs. You started your business to run your business; we started ours to make sure yours runs smoother than you ever thought possible. We will kit your products to your exact specifications, and make informed suggestions on kitting and assembly based on our industry knowledge and trends on your inventory, generating efficiencies in overhead and improving revenue. Partnering with Dollar Fulfillment gives you access to not only Kitting and Assembly Services, but also Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Shopify Services, and so much more.