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Order Management Services Create Better Businesses

Dollar Fulfillment’s Order Management services allow you to have full confidence that your customers experience a seamless purchasing experience. Small bugs or inconveniences can put off customers in that crucial final stage of commerce–if their shopping carts don’t process, or their information isn’t accepted, they may give up on the sale entirely.

Our fulfillment services are comprehensive, covering your sales from inception to delivery and (if necessary) to returns. Dollar Fulfillment as an OMS Service Provider has the experience to make your systems more cost effective and simple while providing even better experiences for your customers.

What are Order Management Services?

Order Management Services are, in many ways, just another way to think of an online order system. Even if you haven’t created an official system, you already have your own process of order management.

When a customer places an order, you try to find it amongst your inventory, box it up, label it, and ship it. If a customer asks where it is, you finagle with the post service you used to look it up. If they want to return the order, as one in five online purchases do, you wrestle with the label creation again and eagerly watch tracking so you can have your inventory returned, and then have to restock for recirculation. And all the while you or your employees are doing this job, they’re not doing that other job–you know, the one that makes you all your money by making product or content.

This is what Dollar Fulfillment full-service Order Management Services is all about. Everything about the above may give you a headache, but it’s what gets us up in the morning. We love to figure out the best way to get your customers’ orders in their hands as seamlessly and as cost-efficiently as possible. We set up systems so that we can easily box and ship your items, and track them when they’re on their way. Our Implementation services mean that customers have an easy-access portal to check on their order and also communicate with you if need be.

Order collection, inventory management, and customer visibility are why Order Management Services are required in today’s e-commerce landscape; partnering with Dollar Fulfillment means our experts take care of all of this for you and let you get back to the business you love.

Why Use Order Management Services from Dollar Fulfillment?

Taking care of your customers from end-to-end is all part of Dollar Fulfillment “white glove” service. We take care of your customers the same way that we take care of our client–that’s you–by ensuring that their experience is as effortless as possible. By cultivating customer expectations in this way, you are creating an environment of happy customers that will always assume you want the best for them, which keeps them coming back for return business.

Our Order Management System automates and centralizes day-to-day processes that happen with every sale. This means they happen faster and more effectively.

Using Dollar Fulfillment Order Management Services offers several benefits:

  • Improving Order Accuracy
  • Improving the Returns Process
  • Pick, Pack and Ship Faster
  • Inventory Management and Awareness – Preventing Stockouts and Forecasting Stock Needs
  • Selling Internationally – Preparing for Import/Export costs and Shipping Times
  • Shopify Integration

Order Management Services from Dollar Fulfillment

Dollar Fulfillment has you covered from beginning to end in your transaction process. In addition to Order Management Services, you can also rely on us for Returns Management, Transportation Services, Integration, and so much more. Selecting us for your Order Management Services means you are drawing from a suite of comprehensive experience that ensures we go over every possible detail. Contact us today for a consultation on how we could improve your business right away.

Ships a lot + DF Merger

Big News!

Ships-a-Lot and Dollar Fulfillment have merged to create a stronger and more capable logistics solution for our customers. We promise there will be no interruptions to your services and you will continue to receive personalized support from our team.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty. We look forward to serving you with an even stronger logistics solution as we move forward, operating as one under the Dollar Fulfillment name. All invoices and future communication will come from Dollar Fulfillment beginning Monday, July 3.

Please feel free to contact your rep with any questions, and visit our website for additional news and updates.