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Our Process

If Simplicity is a Business Virtue, Needless Complexity is a Sin.


Everything Starts with a Phone Call

We learn about each other and determine if we’ve got the right fit. If we do, we get to work, but without set-up fees and other mysterious charges the other guys like to build into their services.

We Determine a Price that’s the Price

No games, no surprises, no confusing quotes, no hidden fees. Once we understand you and your product, we’ll quote a price to make fulfillment more fulfilling, not frustrating and more expensive.

Easy and Seamless Cart Integration

We’ll handle all the details on our end for you. In most cases, with 90% of eCommerce platforms, integrating in a few minutes via APIs. We keep it simple and turnkey so it performs as it should.

Ship Your Product to Our Warehouse

The robots can’t wait for it, and we’ll store it for you at no charge. If you were expecting a fee for that, sorry – you’ve got us confused with the other guys. No fees for storage or returns, either.

Customer Delivery in Days, Not Weeks

You’ve heard the stories about fulfillment houses waiting for critical mass; i.e. enough orders to ship. That’s not our way: Your customers worldwide will get your product, sooner, not later.

Benefits and Savings Driving Your ROI

Get what you need without paying for what you don’t. Clear pricing helps you control costs, U.S. shipping speeds delivery, and our preferred shipping rates aren’t marked-up, saving even more.

Simply Better Fulfillment for Everyone

You don’t have to a major player buying their deluxe package to get the superior performance and personal service you need to grow your business and keep your customers happy. We’ll prove it.

Reach Out – See How Much You Can Save!


Ask about our SPECIAL OFFER when you switch from another Fulfillment House and if your product qualifies for $1 shipping!

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What Our Clients Say

We love our clients and proud of our role in their amazing success stories.

“Jason has been a godsend to my business, as his flash drive and fulfillment services boosted my online event revenue by over $150K. Fast turnaround, on-time delivery, and very easy to work with with. Highly recommended!”

Sean Croxton

“When I asked how it was possible to deliver packages for only $1 and their answer was, ‘because that’s the rate you could pay any lady at your local church to ship stuff for you’… I  realized I’d finally found a fulfillment company who wasn’t going to price gouge me.  And ten years later I’m still shipping with Dollar Fulfillment.”

Chet Womach

“Jason is not only a great connector of those who can help, but he himself is solid, reliable, focused support for business. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel having him on your team. He flawlessly fulfilled hundreds of requests. I highly recommend him!”

Valerie Kausen

“Jason was enormously helpful with our flash-drive fulfillment for our recent summit. He was able to offer us better pricing, better terms, and ultimately, fantastic service. He was extremely available and responsive throughout the whole process, and we will definitely be using him again.”

David Sinick

“Jason and his company provide fast, reliable, and affordable fulfillment services. I am very pleased with the service I received and would recommend him to anyone looking for product fulfillment.”

Amy Myers MD

Outstanding service at an affordable price why would you go anywhere else?!

Suzy Cohen

“Jason’s handling of our fulfillment needs for our virtual summit was very professional, and I would recommend his services to anyone”

James Maskell

“We leveraged Jason’s services for our online, international Detox Summit. Thanks to him, we were able to provide people with a quality product and impeccable service!”

Deanna Minich

See How Much You Can Save!